Gemline is a fine jewelry brand based in Metro Manila, Philippines that offers affordable fine jewelry of superior quality. We are part of a world-class group of jewelry brands that provide meaningful pieces for moments of celebration.

Our stores offer a wide array of ready-made wedding rings and engagement rings with diamonds or cubic zirconia. All of our jewelry are either made of 14-karat or 18-karat gold, embellished with crystals and precious stones such as diamonds, pearls, colored stones, and cubic zirconia.

Gemline aims to be the top jewelry retailer for meaningful moments and celebrations. We came up with the slogan “Making Moments Colorful” to let our customers know that Gemline always has something in store that will make significant moments in their lives more colorful and memorable.

Gemline is proud of its campaign called “12 Months of Celebration” because we believe that there is always something to celebrate and be grateful for. And what better way to remember that special moment than giving or receiving a token– such as fine jewelry– that one can treasure forever?

Gemline is known to be affordable yet luxurious, and updated with the latest styles when compared with its fine jewelry competitors in the Philippine market. Go to a GEMLINE store and see our fun and luxurious store interiors that will certainly make shopping for jewelry a more relaxed experience.

Gemline is committed to:

-provide customers with a variety of the latest products with exceptional quality

-build trust and confidence between the Gemline brand and its clientele; and

-team with employees who live out the brand’s values and spirit.

Visit a Gemline store to see our luxurious store interiors that will certainly make shopping for jewelry truly a relaxing experience. (click here to see Gemline’s list of branches)